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Company name: FreightFish Ltd.

Established: November 2017

Headquarters: 16 Marsden Bay Drive, One Tree Point, 0118, New Zealand

Employees: 8

Business: Design, manufacture and operation of hydrofoiling cargo vessels
Marine technology research and development

Founder: Max Olson, CEO


We are proud to call New Zealand home

FreightFish was founded in a small island nation to solve global freight problems.

Our geographic isolation from the world has led to a culture of self reliance and innovation, and has instilled the importance of preserving our environment. We have a strong marine industry building pleasure-craft, super-yachts and work-boats for the world, which FreightFish leverages to bring the best possible service to our customers.

Over the past five years New Zealand has become world-leading in hydro-foiling craft, with our largest yachting syndicate, Team New Zealand, winning the America’s cup with their ground-breaking sailing vessels.

We are dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of freight through the continuous development of efficient vessels, ethical and appropriate material choices, and responsible disposal of our products at end-of-life.

All of our ships will carry the New Zealand flag with pride.



Our team is comprised of passionate engineers. We take pride in our work, pride in delivering great products, and pride in developing a company which will stand the test of time.



We are located just a stones-throw from the ocean, making us ideally situated to tackle the most challenging stages of our engineering journey.

We have purpose-built premises with direct access to a major port.

Management team


Max Olson

Max co-founded his first start-up, Halter Limited, where he served as CTO and successfully raised two rounds of capital from both NZ and USA alongside his co-founder. During his tenure, Halter grew from two co-founders to a team of 10 talented software, electronics and mechanical engineers.

Max resigned from Halter Limited in late 2017 to focus on FreightFish and has since been working tirelessly to bring FreightFish to the water.


Fred King

After completing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Fred moved to Shanghai to study Mandarin at Fudan University.

While in Asia, Fred contracted to Taiwan-based start-up PodRide, where he liaised with Taiwanese bicycle manufacturers to optimize designs for mass production.

Fred began as a design engineer at FrieghtFish in ealry 2019, later taking on the role of Operations Manager.


We're a privately funded company backed by globally recognised investors